Woman Is Trying To Track Down Man Who Got Her Pregnant


In an attempt to find the man she had a night stand with,a desperate mum-to-be  posted a childish sketch of him online.She claims the sketch will be enough for him to recognise himself and come forward.
The Mexican American woman from the East Village area of New York posted an advertisement on  Craigslist under the title: “We Hooked Up. It Broke. Baby On the Way.“She wrote

“If you want to be in the child’s life it will be born soon.
“I hope you will.
“I am Mexican-American.
“5’4” 100 lbs when we screwed.

You told me you wore a business entrepeneur [sic].
“I tried to draw you.
“I’m no police sketch artist, but I think the resemblance is there.
“You are Middle Eastern. Tallish.
“Had about a 6 and a half inch d***.
“We had sex 3 times.
“Then you disappeared.
“If anybody from the village area recognized this man let him no (sic) he has baby son coming.”

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