Will Smith’s son Jaden, half naked in bed with Kim Kardashian’s sister

Last week it was Willow, Will Smith’s daughter in the news being criticized for a picture of herself (13) in bed with  20-year old actor Moises Arias. The shot deemed provocative not just because of the duo’s state of undress but also their age difference was labelled “an expression of art” by her mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

In recent times, a similar eyebrow raising- black-and-white photo of Jaden, Willow’s 15 year old brother straddled from the back by Kylie Jenner (16), Kim Kardashian’s baby sister on what looks like a bed has surfaced on the internet.

The picture which depicts Jaden, topless and wearing only a pair of Calvin Klein briefs  with a blissful expression on his face is quite interesting. Kylie has a hand on his backside it seems, and is sporting black tank top and a pair of slacks with marijuana leaf on one of the legs.


Jenner has long insisted that she is only friends with the son of superstar Will Smith and nothing more and the two have been photographed together for several years, often getting lunch in Malibu with Willow. They also hang out in the same crowd, which includes Kylie sister Kendall Jennar, aswell as Justin Beiber and his friends Lil Za and Lil Twist.

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