Transformation 0f President Obama ’s Visit To Kenya In 1987 & Now – PHOTOS!

PICTURE ACCOMPANIES EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH SAMSON OBAMAMandatory Credit: Photo by Agency Ltd./REX Shutterstock (813567e)Young Barack Obama in Nairobi Kenya in 1987 before going to Harvard Business School in America. Pictured L to R: Unknown person (rear left), Aunt Jane (orange top, sister of Kezia), Cousin (unknown name), brother Abo (also known as Samson)  (Blue and orange t shirt), Barack Obama and brother Ben (blue diamond jumper).Various Barack Obama family imagesIt was his Aunt Jane who broke the news to Barack that his father had died in 1982.


President Obama pictured above as a young man in 1987 visiting his father’s country, Kenya. He was received at the airport by a few relatives.

Below is him visiting the country as the President of the greatest country on planet earth. Can’t wait to meet this man one day.

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