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As Nigerians, we need to come together as one and pray. We have to pray for the situation of our country to get better. God is the only option left,we have to turn to Him because we are in danger if we do not. We live in a country that is sadly being ruled by a kakistocracy of a few inner-caucus people who are all apparently “leadership positions miss road”, people who do not have any sense of direction for the country as a whole, or for Nigerians as individuals.


That is the truth, the bitter truth… The cancerous corruption issue that Nigeria faces today did not just start, it started the very minute our colonial masters gave us the baton of rulership. It started the moment our fate was put into the hands of some few people. The Nigerian leaders of today are smart people, very smart and intelligent people, the problem is that they channel their brainpower towards the wrong cause. I’m not trying to judge any of them, because at my adolescent age of 16 I haven’t yet achieved what they have.


Our President is not an ignorant fellow, neither is he heartless, the problem he is facing is that he has too many ravenous, insatiable wolves working in his government. How should he know who to trust when almost everyone of them seems to be hiding shady acts that they are involved in?

As citizens of Nigeria, we should start acting like the intelligent people God made us to be, and not as ignorant, illiterate fools which we portray ourselves as to the whole world. The other day, our First Lady exhibited some funny…words while being recorded, instead of us Nigerians to keep it in the closet (because disgracing our first lady is tantamount to mocking ourselves and creating room for the whole world to mock us), we laughed and shared the video on the world wide web for people to see.



Now, through this foolish act, we have painted to the whole world a picture that depicts us being ruled by an uncompetitive government that is not even adept in good communication in English Language. We keep washing our dirty linen in public and that is wrong. If we want the situation of this country to change, we, as individuals, have to change first. A great leader once said “show me your average citizens, and I will define your nation accurately”.



To cause a change in our country we have to change our mindsts and orientations. We have to begin to have a positive outlook towards life. J.F Kenedy once admonished Americans not to think of what their country can do for them, but what they can do for their country. They heeded his advice…and look at America today. Nigeria can be referred to as poor today not because it does not have money or resources, but because of it’s peoples mindset.



YES! Poverty is simply a thing of the mind. Our youths complain that there are no jobs in the country and that nobody is willing to employ they, yet, they forget the saying “nobody ever got rich working for someone else”. If there are no jobs, nothing stops anyone from creating a job and being the one to hire people. If you have a vision and a commitment, any business you open will surely grow, no matter where you start from, even if you are selling groundnuts.



 We complain that there are few or no basic amenities in our enviroment, yet none of us wants to take up the responsibility of going into any political office and doing all that is possible in order to make these amenities available. Our youths should kill the so-called dream or life ambition of being rich. Being rich should not be anybody’s future ambition or dream because we are all supposed to be rich in the first place. Instead, us youths should channel our energy into the ambition of becoming future and even present leaders of our country. We should let our voices be recignized in the affairs of our nation.



Our youths above 18 should see themselves as being worth more than political thugs, they should see themselves as political leaders. We always complain that there are too many old hands and heads ruling our country today, butbwhat we have not realized is that if there is quite a good number of young and brilliant youths that that are passionate about the country, these old hands and heads will have to step aside whether they like it or not. Nigeria has a great future, we just have to work towards it.



Our future is just like our promised land, flowing with milk and honey. To create the Nigeria of our dreams, the Nigeria flowing with milk and honey, we must all place our hands on deck.



Henshaw Uzama
I hope you enjoyed this article and it inspired you.


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All for the love of Nigeria…


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