Student Suffers Burns After Her Phone Charger Explodes


In yet another case of phone charging mishaps, a medical student has suffered serious burns after her phone charger exploded and set her bedroom on fire while she slept.

26 year old Katy Emslie,was using her laptop to recharge a portable EE power bar at her home in the UK when the charger shot out ‘like a firework’ and flew across the room.
She said

 ‘I was charging my EE power bar through my Mac computer overnight and at I was woken up by something which sounded like a firework at around 1am.’The power bar had exploded up the wall and flames began spreading around my bedroom.’I was screaming for my mum who was in the next room, I tried patting the flames out with my hand because I was worried that the fire could spread underneath and set my bed alight.My mum came through with a towel and put out the flames while I ran through and ran my hand under the cold water tap.’

Ms Emslie was then taken to A&E where medics spent hours treating her burns.

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