Reach Out To 7 Million Nigerians On CANDY CRUSH

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  • In the world of mobile gaming today in Nigeria, we have
    more people playing CANDYCRUSH, with about 15million
    users in Africa and 7 Million organic users in Nigeria
    alone, signifies Nigerians spend lots of time playing
    games. Our research proves that people spend more time
    on CANDYCRUSH than they do on INSTAGRAM and SNAPCHAT.
    Advertising on CANDYCRUSH is a great one for products and
    services because of its rewards system which allows a
    CANDYCRUSH user to compulsorily click on quality choice
    video ads. With the emotional creation that CANDYCRUSH
    creates, it is of no doubt a conversion tool for
    revenue generation.Get that brand visible and get that conversion in
    geometric form, remember TRAFFICK IS MONEY
    For Enquiries and Bookings for CANDYCRUSH Ads.
    Mobile: 08050710607..08178302235
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