Presidency-Sponsored Thugs Attack BBOG Protesters In Abuja


Nigerian leaders are a bunch of shameless folks. They can send thugs to attack their fellow citizens but do not have the guts to mobilize soldiers into Sambisa Forest to rescue our girls, OluFamous.Com observed.

All hell was let loose on Wednesday at the Unity Fountain in Abuja as a government-sponsored protesters used axes, machetes and other dangerous weapons to disrupt the rally of a group led by Oby Ezekwesili, who are demanding serious action by the Goodluck Jonathan administration to rescue the over 200 girls abducted on April 14 from their school dormitories in Chibok, Borno State.

A government-funded group of protesters with the inscription – #ReleaseOurGirlsNow was organized to counter the efforts of well-meaning Nigerians who feel the Jonathan administration has done too little, too late to find and save the abducted girls.

The mandate of this new deadly group operating in Abuja with impunity is to absolved Jonathan and his government from any blame, even though they’ve not been able to rescue the girls…



Several eyewitnesses confirmed that the group organized by allies of President Jonathan wielded dangerous and life-threatening weapons to intimidate those who were protesting government ineptitude. In addition, the pro-government group destroyed chairs and smashed journalists’ cameras at the venue in broad day light.

The #BringBackOurGirls campaigners led by Ms. Oby Ezekwesili had gathered peacefully at the fountain early on Wednesday morning to press their case for more focused action by the government. However, they got the shock of their lives when an armed gang allegedly sponsored by the Presidency stormed the same venue to interrupt them.

Then, as a cameraman from AFP news agency recorded Ms. Ezekwesili’s speech to her group, the members of the government-created group attacked him, smashing his camera. They also broke chairs the protesters had brought, seized numerous mobile phones from their owners, and beat up some members of the Ezekwesili group.



Surprisingly, anti-riot police who were at the scene turned a blind eye as the hoodlums carried out their attacks.

“The policemen were there and did nothing even when our attackers started smoking India hemp openly at the fountain right in front of them,” one of the protesters revealed.


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