Pastor & Wife Fight Over Who Owns Their Church

Pastor Ralph Okebu and Wife

With the kind of strange events we see these days, it appears we are living in the last days, after all. How do we take this mess involving a Pastor and his Prophetess wife? It is really sad!

As you read this, Pastor Ralph Okebu (47) and his wife Prophetess Caroline Okebu (51) are at loggerheads over ownership of their church, Victory Pentecostal Ministries International Incorporated in Enugu state.

Things are so bad at the moment that the church is divided into two factions. The members who belong to the camp of Pastor Ralph Okebu turn up for worship in the morning while those who hold allegiance to his wife, Prophetess Caroline Okebu attend their own service in the afternoon, inside the same church.

In fact, before the worship arrangement was arrived at, worshippers on both sides had fought physically over the use of the church auditorium located at Km 1 Enugu/Onitsha Expressway. A source said it took the intervention of the police to restore some form of order in the church as they were stationed in the premises for two Sundays to avoid bloodshed…

Narrating how the crisis began, a lawyer who happens to be the church administrator, Chuks Okonkwo, told  the SUN that, “problem arose in the Church about last year… it followed a prophecy that was released by the prophetess in the ministry, Prophetess Caroline Okebu.

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Part of these prophecies touched on the general wellbeing of the Church while a part of it touched on certain members of the Church, including the head pastor, Pastor Ralph Okebu. But the personal message that touched on Pastor Ralph Okebu could be seen to be what led to the factionalisation of the Church.

In the Pastor’s thinking, such a message by his wife shouldn’t have been revealed on the pulpit because the said message had to do with his amorous relationship with some female members of the church.

And that was how the war began!
Continuing, the lawyer said the police came in and the Enugu State Commissioner of Police personally took over the matter and was mediating. So, as this lasted, the police at some point, about three months ago, decided with the leadership of both factions that the Ralph Okebu led group should be having morning service to dismiss at 12noon while the Prophetess Caroline led group should have their own service thereafter.

Things are so bad that Pastor Okebu and his wife Prophetess Caroline Okebu are no longer living together.


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