Outcry in China as nursery abuse footage goes viral

Videos showing toddlers being mistreated at a Shanghai day-care centre have sparked an outcry in China after being circulated widely online.
The first video, viewed tens of millions of times, shows a woman wrenching a backpack from a small girl’s back and then pushing her into a table, where she hits her head.
The footage was released by police after parents said they had found injuries on their children and demanded to see what the centre’s surveillance cameras had recorded.
Two other videos have since emerged – more surveillance footage showing a woman force-feeding a child and making her cry and another video in which a child tells her parents that she had “something spicy” rubbed on her face, which is thought to have been wasabi.
The children in the videos were aged between 18 months and two years old.
It is understood that about 25 children attended classes at the centre, which was set up in February this year and used by employees of the online travel company Ctrip.
A parent surnamed Wang said that after they complained to Ctrip the company chose a day’s footage at random and they were shocked by the results.
Three teachers and a cleaner have been detained and the nursery has suspended all its classes pending a police investigation.
The company Modern Family, which runs the centre, says it accepts liability and will cooperate with the authorities.

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