More Drama? Kim’s Stepbrother Not Attending Wedding


Seriously, I can’t wait for this KIMYE wedding to be over and done with! The drama is getting too much!!

Reports have it that Kim Kardashian’s step brother, Brody Jenner would not be attending her wedding with Kanye despite the fact that the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan including his brother Brandon and wife, Leah are already in Paris.

Apparently, Brody has a well defined reason why he won’t be attending the wedding coming up this weekend and NO, it has nothing to do with his girlfriend not being invited.

According to TMZ, when Brody (in Malibu) was asked for the reason why he won’t be attending his half-sister’s wedding in Paris, he said its because he has to work. Brody’s a DJ and according to him, he has a gig in Chicago that clashes with the wedding.


Hmm….. I wonder what “work” would make you miss your sister’s (albeit half-sister) wedding. Perhaps Attending Kim’s “wedding” is becoming a chore, seeing as its her third.



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