Millionaire’s Will Leaves Shocking Conditions For His Daughters To Inherit Fortune


A multi millionaire New York property mogul has dictated the terms of his will from beyond the grave seeing his daughters hit with stringent rules in order to inherit his wealth.

Maurice Laboz, who died earlier this year, decided daughters, Marlena, 21, and Victoria, 17 – would inherit $10million (£6.43 million) each when they turn 35.

However the 77-year-old ensured they would be able to get some early bonuses as long as they attended a good university, marry right, get good jobs and do not have children out of wedlock.

Laboz told the executors of his will his daughters could each receive half a million dollars if they marry before 35 on the condition their husbands sign a sworn statement that they will not touch the money.

They could receive a further $750,000 if they graduate ‘from an accredited university’ and write “100 words or less describing what she intends to do with the funds”.
If the daughters have children and don’t work outside the house, the trustees will give them each 3 per cent of the value of their trust every January 1.However he stipulated the money is only for a “child born in wedlock.”
His wife received nothing in the will and has said that she plans to contest it.Laboz justified leaving her out of the will by citing a “prenuptial agreement, which limits her rights”.

Laboz signed the will in April 2014, nine months before he died. He left behind a $37million (£24 million) fortune.The remainder of his wealth will be given to charities,

Culled from Mirror UK

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