Lifestyle: 10 signs you’re headed for a sexless marriage

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Though rarely discussed, sexless marriages are far more common than you might think.

It’s been estimated that as many as 15 percents of married couples have not had sex within the last six to 12 months, according to a 2009 New York Times article.

Of course, partners’ levels of desire may fluctuate over time for a number of reasons ? for example, the birth of a child, health problems or medication side effects. And there are relationships in which both partners are perfectly content with infrequent sex or not having sex at all. But for many couples, it is an integral part of sustaining a physical and emotional connection.

We asked sex therapists to share some signs that a couple might be heading toward a sexless marriage. Below, 10 potential warning signs to look out for:

1. You’re starting to feel more like roommates than intimate partners

“We underestimate the importance of physical attraction in long-term relationships. In the beginning, couples make commitments to grooming, wearing clothes that make them feel desirable and feeling good about themselves. When you start to feel like roommates, you might need to change out of your sweats and comfy clothes and get ready for an intimate night together. Take a long bath or shower, put on something that makes you feel good about yourself, and put energy into feeling sensual. Even if you are staying in for the night, put something on that makes you feel open for sex and connection, like your favorite lingerie or use a new massage oil or perfume.” ? Shannon Chavez, psychologist and sex therapist

2. You’re not comfortable talking about sex together

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