2ABB5D5B00000578-3170079-A_fan_wearing_a_balaclava_confronts_rival_supporters_on_the_pitc-a-138_1437557414141 2ABB5D5700000578-3170079-Supporters_clash_after_Frankfurt_s_2_1_victory_against_Leeds-a-141_1437557414210 2ABB5D6700000578-3170079-Riot_police_attempt_to_control_rival_supporters_as_they_fought_o-a-136_1437557414049 2ABB70A600000578-3170079-Supporters_from_both_sides_rush_on_to_the_pitch_and_clash_leadin-a-135_1437557414005 2ABEB62A00000578-3170079-Eintracht_Frankfurt_s_Haris_Seferovic_rounds_Leeds_United_goalke-a-143_1437557414310 2ABEB45600000578-3170079-A_Leeds_supporter_is_kicked_in_the_face_by_a_balaclava_clad_riva-a-134_1437557413961 2ABEB46100000578-3170079-A_masked_supporter_appears_to_attack_the_man_as_he_lies_on_the_g-a-139_1437557414175 2ABEB47600000578-3170079-The_man_is_apparently_left_injured_on_the_floor_during_the_incid-a-133_1437557413884 2ABEB62300000578-3170079-Altercation_Leeds_and_Eintracht_Frankfurt_players_push_each_othe-a-140_1437557414199 2ABEB63300000578-3170079-Leeds_United_supporters_clash_with_Eintracht_Frankfurt_fans_afte-a-151_1437557730711 2ABECE3200000578-3170079-image-a-172_1437558333106 2ABEFE3E00000578-3170079-image-a-158_1437557911633 2ABEFE4A00000578-3170079-image-a-157_1437557864602 2ABEFE5200000578-3170079-A_fan_karate_kicks_a_rival_supporter_during_clashes_between_fans-a-144_1437557414327 2ABEFEDA00000578-3170079-image-a-155_1437557818685 2ABEFEF500000578-3170079-image-a-160_1437558063494 2ABEFFA300000578-3170079-image-a-148_1437557628494 2ABEFFB700000578-3170079-image-a-146_1437557561600 2ABEFFC300000578-3170079-image-a-153_1437557737783

Rival supporters clashed after Leeds United’s 2-1 defeat by Eintracht Frankfurt in a pre-season friendly in Austria
The match passed without incident but was marred by violent scenes after the final whistle
Around 100 Frankfurt fans, some wearing balaclavas, attacked Leeds fans on the pitch
The fighting continued in the car park outside the stadium and also in Eugendorf town centre later
Police in riot gear tried to keep the two sets of fans apart with 25 arrests made in total

Leeds United’s pre-season clash with Eintracht Frankfurt in Austria was marred by violent scenes among rival supporters.
About 20 arrests were made and two people required medical treatment after fans from both clubs clashed after the final whistle in the town of Eugendorf.
Reports suggest about 100 Frankfurt supporters, some in balaclavas, confronted a group of Leeds fans on the pitch after the German side’s 2-1 victory.

1 –  A fan karate kicks a rival supporter during clashes between fans of Leeds United and Eintracht Frankfurt following their pre-season friendly at Eugendorf in Austria. 20 arrests were made and two people required medical treatment following the disturbances on the pitch

2- Riot police with batons drawn and dogs formed a line across the pitch in an effort to keep the rival supporters apart

3- A bloodied Leeds United fan receives treatment in the car park at the stadium in Eugendorf, near Salzburg in Austria

4- A bloodied Leeds United fan receives treatment in the car park at the stadium in Eugendorf, near Salzburg in Austria

5- Fans squared up on the pitch after the pre-season friendly, which had ended in a 2-1 win for Eintracht Frankfurt

6-  One supporter throws a punch at a rival fan during the sickening crowd trouble that overshadowed the pre-season fixture

7-  Supporters, some wearing balaclavas, also squared up outside the stadium as the fighting continued after the final whistle

8- Police detain a supporter caught up in the trouble in the car park outside the stadium

9- Leeds United supporters clash with Eintracht Frankfurt fans after a pre-season friendly in Austria

10- A Leeds supporter is kicked in the face by a balaclava-clad rival as other fans continue to fight on the pitch





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