Jonathan Should Negotiate With B’Haram & Get Our Girls Back ––Governor Shetima

Governor Shettima

I wonder what the drafters of our constitution were thinking when they put the Inspector General of Police and the 37 Commissioners of Police under the control of the President, without putting even a Police Recruit at the control of the governors. How can a Governor function without any say in what happens in the security of his state? This certainly is not democracy but extension of military rule.

If things are right, we should be blaming Governor of Borno State for the fate of our girls, but the sad reality is that we can’t blame him. As we blame Presidency, the governor too is blaming Presidency. He is right!
Here’s what Governor Kashim Shetima has to say on the situation of the abducted girls:

“We need to get these girls back and we don’t have the luxury of time at our disposal. It is so painful. The issue of not negotiating with the insurgents is out of it; even if it means talking to the devil if he can come down, to get back our girls, so be it.”

Governor Shetima said “the Federal Government has been deaf, dumb and blind to the realities.”

He stated this during an interview monitored on the Cable News Network in Abuja. The governor lamented that three years ago, he had drawn the attention of the Federal Government to the fact that the Boko Haram insurgency was a minor problem, but if not handled with care, it is capable of “metamorphosing into a conflagration” that might consume the whole North.

The governor added, “Boko Haram sect members are a bunch of raving lunatics, who are taking cover because they had violated every single concept and belief of the religion of Islam. They have gotten a very captive audience because of the endemic poverty in the area.

“Military option is not the only way out because Boko Haram is a phenomenon borne out of social exclusivity, poverty, hunger, joblessness and illiteracy… Instead of us to jointly address our problems, we were busy looking for scapegoats; so, valuable time was lost in the process.”



Shetima, however, said being an eternal optimist, he believed that the girls would be found.



Governor Kashim Shetima doesn’t control the security in Borno, so we can’t hold him accountable. Simple!


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