Jonathan in 2015 is Vote for Insecurity, Corruption –Kwankwaso

Governor Kwankwaso

Any government who tells you that stealing is not corruption is a disaster that must be kicked out:

Kano State governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, has declared that it is suicidal to vote President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP as doing so will amount to voting for corruption and insecurity, a situation which every citizen of Nigeria should fight to get rid of, as soon as possible.

According to him, he said what Nigerians are now reaping is the product of inefficient leadership that is causing a lot of havoc to all Nigerians, including the president, expressing doubt that any medium in this country “will risk promoting the continuation of our current situation today.”

“I can assure you that from the facts and figure I have, there is evidence that, by 2015, people will come out en masse, including people from INEC, to ensure that credible leadership is elected so that we can have peace across the country.”

Governor Kwankwaso made this observation to the press over the weekend in Zamfara State capital, Gusau, during an official visit to commission projects in the state.
He said Nigerians should depart from injurious politics where people promote issues of ethnicity, religion, region or zone and other elements that “are very dangerous for the polity and all of us.”

The governor noted that as the moment, the incumbency factor will be very much irrelevant because the electoral body INEC, the security apparatus and everyone including the media are all tired of the current PDP poor leadership , and for this reason “I am optimistic that no INEC commissioner or any stakeholder will succumb to rigging in favour of the PDP.”


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