Jonathan Don’t Know where his Power End; he Wants to Kill Me ––Gov Kwankwaso


Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, have opened up that President Goodluck Jonathan is plotting to take him out, eliminate him, in a twist to a longstanding row between the two leaders over political power.

Kwankwaso said the President is after his life and had ordered the withdrawal of half of his security details in a ploy to open him up to physical attacks by deadly agents.

“I have told my friends, and people of Kano, Nigerians and indeed the international community to hold Jonathan responsible for whatever happens to Me (Kwankwaso), my family or even the people of Kano state.

“Recently, we also lost an esteemed Emir in Gombe and they basically followed the same process to elect a new emir, but they did not say anything because it is a PDP state.

Now they are funding crisis in our state, I have never seen something like this.”

Governor Kwankwaso said he has “credible information” that the President instructed his supporters in Kano to unleash “mayhem” on the state.

Speaking to Premium Times at Kano State Governor’s lodge in Abuja,  Kwankwaso accused the President of igniting crisis in Kano State after Lamido Sanusi, emerged the Emir of Kano on Sunday.

The presidency and the PDP were opposed to the candidacy of the former CBN boss, who was removed from his post by Jonathan in February.

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“We don’t know his intention, but, certainly the intention is not good,” he said. “We have to tell him that igniting crisis in Kano is not in the interest of anybody. We have enough crisis already in the country, and now they are funding their stooges in Kano to protest and burn government properties.”


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