Jihadi John Reportedly On The Run After Fears ISIS Chiefs Would Kill Him


ISIS’s notorious executioner Jihadi John has reportedly fled the jihadi group and is on the run in war-torn Syria and may have joined another jihadi group.

Mohammed Emwazi, a British Kuwaiti computer science graduate turned murderer, is believed to have left the jihadi group after becoming fearful he might be killed by ISIS’s chiefs.

The British jihadi has not been seen in a propaganda video for nearly six months after the horrific beheading of Japanese photojournalist Kenji Goto.

It is thought that the media pressure associated with being the masked executioner and the publicity surrounding his real identity may have led to Emwazi’s surprise decision to leave ISIS.

Possibly reasons for his decision to leave may be linked to his concerns that British and American special forces are thought to be carrying out covert operations in Syria and Iraq.

Emwazi has long been considered a high value target and was the standout figure in ISIS’s brutal media strategy to terrify both the world.

Now ISIS chiefs are thought to have decided that Emwazi has become dispensable and no longer a necessary player in the jihadi group, a ‘source’ told the Mirror.


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