I Can’t Chase My Wife Over What She Did In South Africa – Actress Angela Okorie’s Hubby

Angela Okorie1

Some people say actress Angela Okorie looks holder than her husband and that she could be using his head but that is a matter for another day. The issue today is that the guy is defending his wife in regard to the scandal she was involved in when she went to shoot a movie in South Africa. Her husband’s word below:

“First of all I know everything about my wife’s movement in South Africa. We talked every minute that day. I laughed because I know my wife didn’t do it. I know they just want to tarnish her image. A lot of people have been calling me and saying all sorts of things and I told them that I know my wife very well and she didn’t do all they said against her.

I know all they want is to break our marriage but I am sorry to disappoint them. Please my marriage is very much intact. Remember what the bible said: What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. So I can’t chase my wife away because of mere rumor from people who don’t know her more than I do.”

Here’s a actress Angela and P. Tchidi while they were balling in South Africa. #GoFigure

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