Argentina’s Group F Rivals are Inferior – Maradona


I don’t mean to start anything but I sure hope Argentina legend, Diego Maradona wasn’t classifying us (Nigeria) together with the other Group F teams he referred to as “inferior” in this 2014 World Cup, because Nigeria will trash Argentina!!! *fingers-crossed*

In an interview, the former Argentina captain reportedly said, “It’s clear our rivals are inferior but this group could get us caught, Argentina haven’t proven they can be world champion.”

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“I wish I could tell you they will win the trophy. They have potential but so do Brazil, Holland and Germany.”

The South Americans are the only nation in Group F that has won a game as they defeated Bosnia & Herzegovina 2 – 1 in their opening match. Argentina will go on to meet Iran in their next game before they face Nigeria in their final group match.

super eagles player

Game on Bruh!!!!

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