Fulani Herdsmen Rapé Two Housewives, Young Girl Mercilessly

Fulani Herdsmen

The harm these so called Fulani Herdsmen are causing in our society is very worrisome. No fewer than nine of them allegedly rapéd a 15-year-old girl and two housewives at gunpoint, in Tse Ikyuer, Yandev, Mbagwen in Guma Local Government Area of Benue State.

Two of the victims, who narrated their ordeal in Makurdi, the state capital, said after beating and raping them, the herdsmen also made away with their N60,000 and two phones.

The women, who could barely walk due to pains, said: “one of us (the teenage girl) was rapéd repeatedly, after being thoroughly beaten by the herdsmen. At the moment, she is neither able to walk nor talk.”

Before they were taken to an undisclosed hospital in Makurdi for medical attention by the Police, the women, who spoke at intervals, said: “The men with their leader came to our home in the afternoon and pleaded that we give them water to drink. We obliged them, but they noticed the absence of our husbands, and when their leader asked of our husband’s whereabouts, we innocently told him that they travelled but would be back much later.

“After drinking the water, they left, only for about nine of them to come back later in the day, armed with guns and machetes and asked us to lie down and have séx with them or they will kill everybody.”

The women who wept profusely, explained that four of the armed herdsmen fired shots in the air to terrify and also compel them to submit to their demands.

The women said that the leader of the gang was well known in the community but he fled from the area with his family and cattle shortly after the incident.



The police in Benue State said they are on top of the situation.


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