Exclusive: Ogun Gov Amosun In Ritual Scandal

The embattled Governor of Ogun State Ibikunle Amosun has been fingered as the patron of the ritual den uncovered recently in Abeokuta.


According to an insider, The uncovering of the den at Abeokuta was triggered by a pregnant woman who managed to escape from the forest where she was kept captive. It was gathered that the victim alerted members of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), who immediately reported the case to the local police. When security operatives bombarded the house, some of the items recovered included cowries, a calabash containing black soap, and various fetish garments.


Despite the huge media attention the matter generated, it is strange that till this moment, security agents are yet to make public their findings and the governor is being accused of the plot to sweep the matter under the carpet.




Source revealed that the herbalist that runs the den escaped the mob attack but a woman suspected to be his wife when tortured insisted that she won’t say anything until she sees Governor Amosun.


Security agents prevented her from being set ablaze by the mob as they whisked her away.


An attempt by us to get the present state of the investigation was not successful as the security agents we were have submitted their findings to the Governor who does not seem ready to make the matter public.


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