It’s Degrading And Sad!’ Top Surgeon Blasts Cristiano Ronaldo For Using A Surrogate

Cristiano Ronaldo has been slammed by a top surgeon, who’s branded his decision to have twins by a surrogate, ‘degrading and sad.’

Portuguese medic Gentil Martins believes his fellow countryman’s actions mean he should be stripped of his role model status.He said

“I consider it a serious crime,” the 87-year-old, who is a pioneer in the separation of Siamese twins, told Portuguese newspaper Expresso.
“It’s degrading and sad. Ronaldo is an excellent athlete, he has tremendous merit but it’s moral stupor: he cannot be an example.Everyone has the right to a mother,” he continues. “I think one of the main people to blame for this situation is Cristiano’s mum. That woman didn’t give her son any education whatsoever.”

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