What happens when the service provider refuses to give a definite answer to the problem you called for them to resolve?

You call them to resolve something and you are told that ” it cannot be resolved by them, the fault is from your phone setting”. Immediately, your temperament changes, you are no longer angry with the customer representative that spoke with you.

You are with your phone, trying to see what the problem could be.

Oftentimes, we seek outside help for a problem that we only can resolve.

You must understand that we have the capability to be RESOURCEFUL, CREATIVE if we want to.

We rarely make use of our POTENTIALS.

Why not seek within YOURSELF instead of asking someone for help to solve a problem you created. Remember its your problem and you definitely have a clue on how to solve it.

Don’t be quick to push your problem to others, they also have theirs that they are battling with.

Why is it simple for us to return our electronics to it manufacturer or technicians for repairs?

We understand that the manufacturer is well acquainted to its product than the consumer right?

Likewise Ours. Dearest Mentee, take charge of your life. Don’t rush yourself rather pay attention to your inner man; the one that has all the answers to your Problems, discomfort and needs.

Do have a Fun Filled Weekend.

If you are reading today’s series at this moment, I appreciate you for finding time to read today’s episode.

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