#DearMentee|Episode 8


We attain Eureka moment and we are so happy about the idea that we have birthed. Little did we know that LIFE will test us to ascertain our willingness to run with our idea despite all odds.

Everyone is busy chasing their dreams, no one really care about you or whatever you’re are going through.

Don’t be moved Dear Mentee, PERSEVERE. Good things really do not come CHEAP.

I’m so elated today because I have experienced what I’m sharing today and I can tell you never to give up on your DREAM, IDEAS.

Though its not easy, but let get this straight. NOTHING IS REALLY EASY in LIFE. So face that Fact.

Re strategize on whatsoever you’re doing that is not bringing desired change.

Different ROUTE leads to the same DESTINATION.

Think of an alternative plan to achieve your goals, ideas and dreams.

The month of July is gone and August has taken up the stage, How well did you OPTIMIZE July?

You still have another chance to kick start that project, launch your idea.

What are you waiting for??

If you are still reading today’s Episode at this moment, Thank you so much. Would love to hear your thought also.

Your Friend


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