#DearMentee|Episode 7


DearMentee|Episode 7

A farmer was given a seed as a gift. He planted the seed and within a short while, the seed grew to be a tree that villagers in the community admire.

It flowers were colourful and the fragrance coming from it was soothing.

The tree will never allow anyone to pluck it flowers, villagers took turns under it shade hoping for it flower to fall but to their surprise, it wouldn’t drop.

Months went by and the flower began to fade. Eventually, the tree lost it glory; it WITHERED.

If a man thinks that he has arrive and wouldn’t be kind enough to train, develop, pour into others by equipping them, he should understand that Life is all about SEASONS. His season will soon EXPIRE.

Dearest Mentee, what you hold tightly will never MULTIPLY.

An outstretched hand will continually receive but a tight fisted hand can never receive anything.

You don’t have to wait till you reach the point that you are FULL before you start to EQUIP others. The little you know, share with others that don’t have at all.

Many youth are unemployed because of basic skills that they lack, nothing stops you from training and equipping them.

Happy Eid Mubarak to my Muslim Brethren.

If you are still reading ,Thank you for taking out time to read today’s episode (Gracias, ese, nagode, obrigado, merci )

Your friend,


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