Cristiano Ronaldo Dresses Up As A Homeless Man And Pranks Madrid With His Football Skills (VIDEO)

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The homeless man walking with that dog is the world’s best and one of the richest footballers – Cristiano Ronaldo – but as he walked on the streets of Madrid over the weekend, nobody paid him any attention – because nobody knew it was him. He was disguised in fake beard, hair and fat suit.

He took to the streets of Madrid and showed off some of his football skills. Occasionally, passers-by will stop to watch his impressive football skills, especially when he replicates Ronaldo’s trade-mark step-overs, but no one knew it was Ronaldo himself. Then he reveals himself.

Some people ignored him

A few played with him

Then this kid played with him

He hi-fived him

Ronaldo gave him a hug, picked up the ball and signed it. The boy looked at him like why is a tramp signing a ball for me?

Ronaldo peeled off his disguise

And the boy melted

The boy burst into tears of joy

Watch the video below…

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