Solange, JayZ & Beyonce….Crack in the wall?

JayZ according to reports, was ferociously attacked by Solange in an elevator (hahaha) at a Met Gala after party last week at the Standard Hotel in NYC while his wife Beyonce looked on…. as captured on surveillance video.

What triggered the fight is so far unclear, however it appeared to be one hell of a fight as Solange was seen wildly kicking and swinging at JayZ  who remarkably made no attempts to retaliate and even picked up the purse she used to smack him when it dropped.

One can’t help but wonder which is more interesting; the futile attempts of a presumed bodyguard in holding Solange back from JayZ, the bodyguard hitting the emergency stop switch in the elevator (perhaps to keep the fight private), or Beyonce standing by and idly watching as her man was whacked repeatedly by her baby sister.

Hours after this “incidence”, the couple were sighted sitting court-side together at the Brooklyn Nets playoff game in NYC  and even chatted with LeBron James like their normal lovey dovey selves clearly sending a message that they’re still on the same team after the big elevator fight with B’s sister.

Beyonce took to Instagram where she made a deep post. In the post, she prays to God to give her the strength to get rid of those who might not be good for her or might be toxic influences.  Could she be talking about her sister Solange or her husband Jay-Z or just friends? Weirder still, it appears that Solange has deleted all of her sister’s pictures from her instagram page although she’s still following her.

Hmmm….. *lips sealed*

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