Civil Servants Axed Over Corruption

As the war against corruption bites harder, many senior civil servants and 22 of their subordinates have been fired by President Paul Kagame of Rwanda.

They were “disengaged” over alleged mismanagement of public funds.

A government statement in Kigali on Friday confirmed that the dismissals were in connection with a series of financial misconducts over the acquisition of medical equipment for hospitals in remote parts of the country

Kagame’s decision follows a resolution from the latest cabinet meeting which sanctioned the removal from their posts of two senior division managers at the Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) and the whole team of their subordinates in the same department, the statement said.

All those fired were with the department of Health Technology and Infrastructure Planning Unit at RBC, it said.

The mismanagement became public last month, when the Auditor-General’s Office reported some concerns about possible misuse of state funds allocated for various projects to modernize public hospitals across Rwanda.

The Auditor-General said it found the dismissed civil servants to have mismanaged a total of $950,000 originally intended to upgrade maternity units in Rwandan hospitals and make them more attractive and welcoming for women in labour, particularly those living in the countryside.

The dismissed officials are also accused of ordering faulty medical equipment which incurred losses for the state, the statement said.

Source: APA

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