Bring Back My Daughter!!! Zaaki Azzay’s Estranged Wife Reacts to His Marriage with Her Cousin

2 years ago, Hadiza Zaaki Azzay ex-wife of popular torchlight carrying singer, Zaaki Azzay made headlines after accusing him of domestic violence. Hadiza has since then, moved on with her life.

On May 10th, Zaaki reportedly married 24 year old Hembadoon Maskaven Ugema who allegedly is his estranged wife’s cousin.

Speaking with Encomium on Zaaki’s new marriage, Hadiza siad, “That is his life. I’m not bothered at all. He pushed me out to take another wife. That is not my problem right now. Zaaki should please, bring back my girl whom he abducted and dumped in Abuja for two years now. That is my own headache”.

Interestingly, Zaaki and Hadiza’smarriage is yet to be formally dissolved although Hadiza says she is eagerly waiting for the formal dissolution of their marriage even though her estranged husband hardly comes to court.

She was optimistic that the issue would all be resolved in her favour very soon.



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