Boko Haram Weakened

French general is sure that Boko Haram sect is showing early signs of weakening.

Speaking with Reuters October 26, General Jean-Pierre Palasset shared the opinion that the terrorists’ strength peaked, even despite the fact that after the announcement of the alleged ceasefire on October 17, Boko Haram carried out several deadly raids.

According to him, Borno State capital Maiduguri was in danger of having been captured by the insurgents last month, however since then the situation has changed.

“The pressure’s coming off near Maiduguri. Apart from a few border villages Boko Haram is very much contained in Borno.”

Palasset leading France’s Operation Barkhane focuses on fighting Islamic militants in the Sahel a sparsely populated arid strip running the breadth of West Africa. Additionally, they conduct surveillance on Boko Haram whose stronghold is located not far from their base.

Palasse mentioned however that they do not indulge into military action, which can only be done on the order from Paris.

It would be recalled that last month numerous reports said that Boko Haram plan to seize Maiduguri, after they had captured scores of communities in the North-East states.

Following this Nigerian military and the terrorists carried out continued counter-attacks, as a result of which some towns were recaptured.

October 17 the Nigerian authorities and Boko Haram allegedly concluded a ceasefire agreement, according to which more than 200 Chibok abducted in April would also be released.

What was expected to be a peace deal, was followed by several attacks, which cast a doubt on the agreement effectiveness.

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