Boko Haram Top Kingpin Caught Among 486 Suspects In Abia

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Building our hope in respect of what is befalling or had befallen to Nigeria. It is not far-fetched that since President Good-luck Jonathan was sworn in as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria there have been crisis here and there. But the most dreadful of all is the Boko Haram insurgency, whose leader was Yesuf. After he was killed in police custody in 2007, the sect was taken over by the current leader called Abubakar Shekau.

The threat facing us from the Northern part of Nigeria- Boko haram- was brought into existence by the politically chicanery of the northern political elites basically to denigrate the leadership of president Good-luck Jonathan after losing out in the contest to control the presidency of the federal republic of Nigeria. Their sponsors had boasted a long time ago that the un-governability of the Nigeria State as their target if the president succeeded in the 2011 presidential election. 

What God has destined or ordained will be fulfilled forever. Boko Haram is stirred-up and instigated by some leaders nationally and internationally to make sure there is chaos, anarchy, misrepresentative of power and destruction of Nigeria, but thank God that everything will turn against them…

The prayer our fore-fathers used to pray is whatever you do to me; let it be the gift that will be given to you. The killing of innocent people, destruction of churches, schools and mosques is their trade-mark. By their fruits we shall know them. Then their gifts will not be different from their actions – they are terrorists!

The fact is very clear that Boko Haram is not Nigerian. Boko Haram kill to make money to over thrown the leadership of Nigeria and also help their sponsors to meet their selfish aim. Boko Haram depends on their god-fathers for action, and some of their god-fathers are not Nigerians. They go about given the President Jonathan bad-name in order for them to justify their actions. But thank God to our wise president, who has invited foreign authorities to unveil the truth. People where complaining why President Jonathan is asking for help from other countries that it is weakness.



The fact he is asking for help is not weakness, it is the demonstration of patriotic wisdom, rather than weakness. President Jonathan obtaining aids from other countries to combat Boko Haram shows that he has the will and the zeal and the belief that Nigeria must be moved forward in a true democratic style and not confrontational, violent and terroristic style of war on innocent Nigerians adopted by the Boko Haram insurgents. War, is a last resort when diplomacy and dialogue has failed.

What am I saying? I am saying we should use our discretion to choose the right leaders to follow, because this is not war between the Christian and Muslim, or Hausa, Igbo or any other tribe, this is a war against Nigeria, because the Northern part of Nigeria is Nigeria, so if they suffer, Nigeria suffers.

Little did Boko Haram know that their terrorism is uniting Nigerians against them: 
* They have shown us that if we need to win; we must fight as one (unity). This uncalled for barbaric killings is not only suffered by the Christians,but also the Muslims.
* Boko Haram has brought to our knowledge that our international boundaries are porous. If we should build a concrete walls or mounted patriotic immigration guards, we can prevent any illegal migration into the country.

* Boko Haram gave Nigeria the notion that their ammunitions are of antique. They are telling Nigeria that their military need sophisticated weapons for war, and Nigeria should invest more on security (modernization).

* The event of the Chibok, the kidnapped girls by Boko Haram in Nigeria has created more international relationship and aids.

Boko Haram has become the problem of everyone in the whole world (bring back our girls) and has made Nigeria known or to be seen as one of the good, peaceful and blessed countries, which other myopic, heartless and money chasing people are trying topaint ugly in order to invade and exploit her.

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It is somehow a good thing that Nigeria is facing Boko Haram, because after the storm comes calm, and at the darkest night comes the dawn. Boko Haram cannot be there forever! Their end will soon come. Boko Haram has hit the apex, Boko Haram has hit the climax, and Boko haram cannot go beyond this level of havoc they have caused to Nigeria. At least, Nigeria will soon breathe the invigorating air of unity. The unity that Nigeria sought for, the unity between the Muslim and Christian, the unity among different tribes and the knowledge that we can still stand as one of the greatest countries in West Africa.

I must commend Nigeria Minister of Finance Dr. Ngozi Nkonjo-Iweala for her well presentation on CNN (interview with CNN: May 2014) on how the Nigeria government is tackling the Chibok event and Boko Haram in Nigeria. She gave a better respond to the intricate questions thrown at her during the interview. She exhibited a true sense of patriotism, followership, and loyalty to the president of the federal republic of Nigeria – a patriot she is! I will want to use this as a point of contact to advise those that are throwing insult on the president that the president is so weak, so slow to actions. As long as today is concerned, Dr. Good-luck Ebele Jonathan is the president of the federal republic of Nigeria and he should be respected.You voted him and anyone that insults him insult Nigeria, anybody that insult Nigeria will be dealt with legally.

Let us call a spade a spade, even though the president is from PD Party, he has his own leadership qualities; just like some Nigerians from other parties as well. I am taking about how the governor of Lagos State His Excellency Govt. Babatunde Fasola of APC party brought about good management of the state resources and built Lagos to a winsome place where almost every person wants to reside. Besides, we also have governor of Akwa-Ibom state, a member of the PDP party. His Excellency Governor Goodwill Okpabio has done so well for AkwaIbom state, a place called Home – promise land. Notwithstanding, Ex-Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency Peter Obi from APGA party had fished out all culprits, fraudsters, and all money ritual persons from the state and also made sure they were all brought to justice.



We should not forget about Jigawa State governor, His Excellency Governor Lamido; no matter how little the state resources was, he managed it to build a better state. All these better leadership happened irrespective of whatever party they belonged. It is because they have the people at heart – that is patriotism. So my fellow compatriots see to it that whatever religion you belong to, whatever person you are, or whatever region you come from – what matters is that you are a patriot. You are a true Nigerian, you are serving the country for the good of the country and betterment of the people, that’s make you a Nigerian. If you are not these, then you are not a Nigerian, you are a foreigner, an alien, and enemy to the country coming to destroy and disturb the togetherness of the country.

Leadership is not about being in position before doing something valuable for the people, rather leadership is being responsible and valuable to people around you irrespective of your position. So my people, I beg of you to use your discretion and decision and come out with something valuable for the betterment of all Nigerians, because the government cannot do all – help the Nigeria government to build formidable, undefeatable and winsome country called Nigeria now and forever – One Love!

Michael Oche 
contact: 08038644573


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