Basketmouth Says He Doesn’t Know Why Dbanj Won The Evolution Award


During BasketMouth’s Uncensored show in Houston, Texas, he made some remarks about how proud he was for being a nominee at the MTV Awards (MAMA), and said though he didn’t win, he feels more gratified with his global fans that take out time and their financial resources to come out and watch him perform: That is how he measures and fuel his own award thirst.
He also Congratulated P-Square for Winning two MTV Awards, and then went on to take some jabs at D’Banj. From the look of things, nothing he said was personal; BasketMouth being who he is, was just being as honest and uncensored as possible.
He said:

“The first Award that they will nominate me for, that I really respected was that Award, I really love the fact that I was nominated.” BasketMouth says, referring to his MTV Awards nomination.

He then continued by saying “Technically, I do not look at awards to judge how much I’m good; yea… My Award is you people… Yea… For the fact that you guys are coming to watch me, I got this much award. Like around the world… You guys are awesome, Thank you”

“Nigeria, we are blessed.. When they were doing the awards.. P’Square, they won like 2 awards, best duo, Best this one.. D’Banj won.. I don’t know why…” and the crowd busted into laughter.. LOL

And finally about who won, he said: “Davido won above WizKid, which is quite strange, but it’s allowed.. It’s allowed.”

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