56-Year Old Nigerian Pizza Delivery Man Shot And Killed In The U.S

Pizza Dilevery Abdulganiyu Sanusi

A Nigerian man has been shot and killed in a robbery attack that took place in the U S.

The 56-year-old man was said to be delivering pizza, when he was attacked in a daytime robbery on St Clair Street in East Liberty over the weekend.

The victim, who has been identified as Abdulganiyu Sanusi, was supposed to make a delivery to a bogus address on Penn Avenue, on the Wilkinsburg-city line.

According to Chris Togneri, a Pittsburgh Police spokesman to reporters:

“As he was going to 201 Penn Avenue, the caller who called into the original Domino’s changed the address and said to deliver the pizzas to 225 St Clair Street.”


Upon the driver’s arrival at the new location, a witness was said to have heard someone shout,

“give me your money, give me your money!” before the fatal shot was fired.

An employee at the Sheraden Square Domino’s where Sanusi worked said he and his co-workers were heartbroken by the shooting.


Sanusi has been described as one of the pizza restaurant’s best drivers.

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