23yrs Old Chineme Nwoko Sentenced to 27 Years in Prison over Drug Deals With Women

ARRESTED Chineme Nwoko

I just wonder why our youths are still risking their lives in this dirty trade after all that is happening to those who have been caught in foreign countries. Could this be said to be poverty or just stupidity?


23 year old Precious Chineme Nwoko has been sentenced to 27 years imprisonment by a Cambodian Court for drug trafficking in Cambodia.  According to police testimony in the country’s court, Chineme Nwoko is one of the ringleaders in a deadly heroin smuggling cartel inside Cambodia.



He was arrested for handing a backpack containing 2.2 kilos (4.8 pounds) of heroin to two women.

The women are 41year old Australian, Yoshe Ann Taylor, and 19 year old French, Charlene Savarino. The deal was for them to move the drugs for onward transportation to an unidentified drug baron in Australia where they were expected to be paid handsomely for their service.
Sadly, both women were caught along with Nigeria’s Chineme Nwoko. The result: 27 years imprisonment.


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