2019: Hashim Emerges Presidential Candidate Of ANN

ANN Presidential Candidate

Mr Gbenga Oluwepo-Hashim, ANN Presidential Candidate

Mr Gbenga Oluwepo-Hashim, Chairtman of Oil World, has emerged as the Presidential candidate for the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN).

Hashim emerged on Wednesday in Abuja at the Special National Convention after a Presidential primary election which was to be contested by two other aspirants.

However, one of the aspirants stepped down for Hashim before the comencemnet of voting while the other aspirant did not show up for the contest.

Chairman of the Electoral Panel Alhaji Isa Tijani who noted that with the stepping down of one of the aspirants and the non-appearance of the other, Hashim therefore was the “only presidential aspirant” for the party.

“By voice vote affirmation, Gbenga  Hashim is declared candidate of ANN,” he announced.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that 593 delegates were initially  accredited to vote in the primaries.

Speaking before the declaration of the presidential candidate, National Chairman of the party Mr Jay Osi-Samuels described ANN as one of the fastest growing party in the country.

“if there is any faction in ANN, this is the authentic faction.

“The forces we are fighting are very powerful and influential forces.

“We started on the premises that there will be no godfathers. Unfortunately, we did not know that some persons among us were working with those who want to seize the party from us.

“We cannot allow godfatherism in our party,” he said.

In his acceptance speech Hashim thanked the members and supporters of the party for the honour done him.

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“I assure you that the mandate you have given me will pursued and implemented to the later to build a new Nigeria where our people will act in unity as one nation with one destiny.

“I will not abandon your mandate to unite Nigeria.  The mandate you have given me is to create jobs and to secure our lives,” he said.

He said it was important that members strived to ensure that the party was strong in states.

“We need to work hard to support the party,” he said.

He further said that having come this far, the political movement for which he had provided leadership was unstoppable.

“This is not the time for rhetoric. Nigerians want to see politics with integrity. This is not the time for apprentice leadership. The 2019 train must be decisive for change in Nigeria,” he stated.

He listed his offerings to Nigeria to include building a new economy that will take the nation from $510 billion Gross Domestic Product, GDP, to $4 trillion GDP in the next ten years.

He added: “It is that size of the economy that will deal with hunger and malnutrition in the land. We want to build a big economy that will cater to 180 million Nigerians.”

He added that a government of ANN would also create jobs by linking agriculture and solid minerals to industry while, according to him, a concerted effort would be made to unite the country by ensuring freedom by Nigerians to practice their religions without fear of attacks.

Highlights of the convention was the formal ratification of Mr Jay Osi-Samuels’ appointment as National Chairman of the party.

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There was also strategic alliance with the Peoples  Trust (PT) to work together for the national peace and unity of Nigeria.

A committee was set up to work out the modalities for the alliance.

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