Journalists ‘faced unprecedented harassment’ in 2017

Eighty one journalists were killed and many more faced harassment as threats against journalist soared to an unprecedented level in 2017, according to the International Federation of Journalists (IJF).

The journalists died either in direct assassination attacks or were caught in crossfire incidents around the world, according to the IJF’s annual “Kill Report,” media reported on Saturday.

​The largest number of journalists killed was in Mexico, but many also died in main conflict zones, including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

According to the IJP, the countries with the highest numbers of media personnel killed there in 2017 are:

Mexico: 13

Afghanistan: 11

Iraq: 11

Syria: 10

India: 6

Philippines: 4

Pakistan: 4

Nigeria: 3

Somalia: 3

Honduras: 3

But the number of deaths as of December 29 was the lowest in a decade, showing a decline compared to the 93 journalists killed in 2016.

IFJ President Philippe Leruth said that while the drop in deaths “represents a downward trend, the levels of violence in journalism remain unacceptably high.”

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