80,000 Britons ready to stage ‘incredible protest’ against Trump visit

British campaigners say they are preparing to stage the “most incredible protest in our history” upon US President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK.

After postponing his controversial trip due to an alleged fear of public protests, Trump finally confirmed at a recent meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May in Davos that he would head to London on a state visit “later this year.”

The news revived debates about whether the American head of state was welcome in the UK.

A Facebook event set up by activists to organize protests against the visit, which would include a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, has already attracted 20,000 people. Around 61,000 more say they are interested in attending.

“It’s just been announced: Donald Trump is coming to Britain on a visit later this year. We don’t know when. But let’s be ready – and be prepared to take to the streets in the most incredible protest in our history,” the organizers said in the event’s description.

May extended the queen’s invitation to Trump during a visit to the White House only a week after the Republican president’s inauguration last year.

The visit request was met with backlash from British people and politicians alike and led to the creation of the Stop Trump Coalition, which pledged to hold large demonstrations across the UK.

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